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2017 International Day of the ATSEP

November 11th, 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I’m honoured to once again acknowledge November 12, 2017 as the International Day of the ATSEP. This day is particularly special this year because the 47th General Assembly recently closed with six new regular members and two associate members among our ranks.

This growth in membership speaks to the theme of the 47th General Assembly: Aviation Safety: Individual Responsibility – Shared Commitment. Each of us has an individual responsibility to aviation safety as employees of our ANSP, members of our association or members of IFATSEA. Yet at the same time, we all need to work together. Our eight new members know this and that is why they have joined IFATSEA.

Please take time to think carefully about your individual responsibilities and our shared commitment to aviation safety. Doing so is what the International Day of the ATSEP is all about. Pausing to reflect on the importance of our profession will make us all stronger and the flying world a better place.

Best wishes,

Daniel J Boulet


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