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IFATSEA Online Survey on Human Factors of ATSEP

November 26th, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Your action is required!

After forwarding a Working Paper to the ICAO CNS/SG 23 Meeting held at ICAO Regional APAC Office at Bangkok, Thailand on “Factors Adding Stress and Fatigue to ATSEP and the Need for a Study to  Address the Human Factor Issues of ATSEP””

IFATSEA received a positive feedback:

“The International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Association (IFATSEA) emphasized the importance to study the human factor issues of ATSEPs on their working environment, abilities, limitations and on other characteristics for evaluating their job and safety performance. The stressful working environment that can lead to errors, lapses, latent or error-causing conditions that brings the invisible windows of opportunity for unsafe acts, or even fatal accidents.  Given the unique nature of the job performance with zero tolerance for error and with the requirements of high levels of technical skills, there is a need for defining uniform standards on the roles, responsibilities, training requirements, duty time limitations and adequate human resources with regards to ATSEPs who are playing vital role in the safety chain. A study on human factor issues of ATSEPs was suggested. The paper further elaborated the factors that cause the human factor issues to the ATSEP and the possible impacts on safety and efficiency in airports operations and air navigation service if such issue are not addressed. After deliberation, the IFATSEA would collaborate with ANSPs and draw references from international best practice in conducting the study on human factor issues, including stress and fatigue, of ATSEP and recommending to revisit the outcome of the studies in the CNS/SG/24 for further discussion. The meeting considered that establishment of a small working group would be necessary to support such study. Australia, China, Hong Kong-China, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore and   IFATSEA volunteered to be members of the study working group”. 

As a part of the collaborative study on Human Factors of ATSEP, IFATSEA is conducting an Online Survey to get the feedback from ATSEP from all continents of the world. On behalf of IFATSEA Regional Director Asia Pacific, Mr. Senthilvel Balasubramanian and his Team, has designed and hosted the Online Survey in the following website:

The Survey home page can be accessed through the following link:

A quick preview of the Survey can be seen from the following link:

It is requested to circulate the above details to all ATSEP and urge them to participate in the Survey after a simple registration process. The registration process may be completed by 15th Dec 2019 and the actual inputs may be submitted by 20th Dec 2019.

Thank you!


Thorsten Wehe, IFATSEA President

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