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International ATSEP Day – 12th November 2015

October 29th, 2015

November 12 marks the International Day of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP). On this day, every one of us can be proud of our accomplishments. Most notably, our role in contributing to a safe and efficient air navigation system.

ICAO estimates more than 3.2 BILLION passengers travelled by air in 2014. That represents nearly 9 million passengers each and every day. And every one of those flights relied on the services and underlying infrastructure of an air navigation service provider somewhere on the globe.

Few professions are as rewarding as that of an ATSEP. Our recognition comes from knowing that the ILS has been properly calibrated, air traffic controllers have accurate and up-to-date information and that service was quickly restored in times of outages or natural disasters.

November 12 also reminds us to reflect on how the profession has changed and how it will change in the future. Space-based surveillance will have a profound impact on our work. Fewer of us will be required to maintain ground-based navigational aids. More us of will be required to take on new skills and acquire more knowledge in systems integration. We look forward to the challenge. We embrace technological change.

I wish you all a happy International Day of the ATSEP and encourage you to share with your friends and family your critical contribution to a world on the move.

Daniel J Boulet











































International ATSEP DayIFATSEA invites all affiliates to respect and promote the International ATSEP Day Р12th November 2015


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