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IFALPA, IFATCA, IFATSEA Joint Statement for International Women’s Day 2022

March 8th, 2022

This is the first time all three aviation professional staff organizations for pilots, air traffic controllers and air traffic safety electronic personnel have come together to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive aviation world by embracing the International Women’s Day theme:


Barriers associated with workplace stereotypes have hindered women from developing and advancing careers in our sector. There is a lack of women in the general workforce and specifically in leadership roles in Aviation.

Roughly half of the population of the World are women and the outdated notion that aviation is an unsuitable sector for women needs to be challenged.

When we #BreakTheBias we state that promoting equal and diverse access to the aviation profession is not only a question of fairness to women, but also a way to ensure that the aviation world is not missing out on half of the World’s talent pool.

When we #BreakTheBias we help future generations of women view the aviation world as a professional opportunity.

When we #BreakTheBias we highlight that initiatives supporting women in accessing the professions and in career development are needed. We need to identify and remove the obstacles that block advancement opportunities for women.

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