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Resignation of IFATSEA Regional Director Americas Carlos Aguirre

November 2nd, 2018

2nd November 2018


With the date of 29 October 2018, Mr. Carlos Aguirre declared
his resignation from his post as IFATSEA Regional Director Americas.
Carlos is recently elected as Vice President of PASS. There is my fully understanding,
that these duties are incompatible with the post of an IFATSEA Officer.

According Article V, Paragraph 2 of IFATSEA Constitution and By-Laws

In the event of the resignation or retirement of an Officer during his term of office,
the vacancy shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election for the vacant position.

the Executive Board will appoint a new Regional Director Americas during the
the Meetings of the Executive Board at the upcoming IFATSEA Assembly.

On behalf of the IFATSEA Executive Board I like to express a big thank
to Carlos for his contribution in his tenure as IFATSEA Regional Director Americas
and wish him all the best in his new post as Vice President of PASS.


Thorsten Wehe

IFATSEA President

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